”as for you be strong and do not give up for your work will be rewarded“ - 2 Chronicles 15:7


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Come With Us On a Journey To Better Health

Come With Us On a Journey To Better Health

The Science of Nutrition, Exercise, and Weight Management

Dr Creel, author of "A Size That Fits" says "we will be discuss why weight management is so diffiult from a biological persective, and then we'll explore realistic long-term approaches to excess weight"

This is a six month series where each month Dr. Creel will be discussing a different topic.

Sign-up for the first 90 minute session and embrace health and wellness with a different mindset. Dr. Creel will teach you tools you can use that will change your life one thought at a time. .

Look for the sign-up for the following topics;

2. July 31st - Different Diets for Different Dudes and Dames

3. August 28th - The Art and Science of Mindful Eating

4. September 25th - Changing Your Health One Thought at a Time

5. October 30th - Why We Eat When We Aren't Hungry and What We Can Do About It

6. November 27 - Maintaining Motivation For Healthy Living

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