”as for you be strong and do not give up for your work will be rewarded“ - 2 Chronicles 15:7


Strengthening the Body, Transforming the Mind

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6:00 am Trainer’s Choice
12:15 pm Quick Fit
5:30 pm Rock Bottom
6:30 pm HEAT
8:00 pm Kettlebells with Kevin


Daycare available from 5:30 - 7 pm. Must sign up or call in advance.



5:30 am Have Faith, Get Fit
12:15 pm Quick Fit
6:00 pm Lean Body


Daycare available from 6 - 7 pm. Must sign up or call in advance.



6:00 am Trainer’s Choice
10:00 am Sarah’s Small Group
12:15 pm Quick Fit



12:15 pm Quick Fit
7:00 pm Intro to Kettlebells
8:00 pm Kettlebells w/Kevin


Daycare available from 6 - 7 pm. Must sign up or call in advance.



6:00 am HIIT
12:15 pm Quick Fit



9:00 am Childcare
9:00 am Extreme Bootcamp


Daycare available from 9 - 10 am. Must sign up or call in advance.



Rock Bottom

Take 45 minutes to strengthen, tone and define all the muscles of your lower body - legs, glutes, hips, and the smaller stabilizing muscles. Using free weights, barbells, resistance tubing, balls and LOTS OF FLOOR WORK you'll work your way into a new you. Great for someone looking for a great workout for the lower body.

Monday - 5:30 pm


(High-Intensity Interval Training)

High Intensity-Interval Training (HIIT) is a high impact workout that will work out all muscle groups. This class is a total body, heart pumping, aerobic and strength conditioning workout. This interval-based class combines full-body strength training with high-intensity cardio bursts designed to tone your body, improve your endurance and clear your mind before the busy days get started. Modifications for all fitness levels are provided.

Friday - 6:00 am


Quick Fit
(30 min Lunch Workout)

Quick Fit is a 30-minute lunch workout designed for people wanting to "get in and get out" in a hurry. Don't let it fool you. This workout packs a punch!

Monday thru Friday - 12:15 pm


(High Energy Athletic Training)

HEAT is designed to push you to the next level. There are three different sections to this workout. In round one we focus on building up our aerobic capacity and getting the blood flowing.  Round two focuses on building up strength with pushing, pulling, squats and lunges. Round three is built around power moves like tire flips and box jumps. DO YOU WANT TO TRAIN LIKE AN ATHLETE?!

Monday - 6:30 pm


Extreme Bootcamp

This is a high impact, high-intensity workout. High impact refers to continuous, higher-energy activities that can take both of the exerciser's feet off the floor at the same time. With Burpees and stair jumps, this class is not for the person with sore joints. This type of aerobics involves an energetic use of large muscle groups over a period of time for the purpose of a cardiovascular exercise, typically with the goal of weight loss.

Saturday - 9:00 am


Kettlebells with Kevin

Don't let the ballistic nature of kettlebells intimidate you.  Kettlebells are a terrific mode of exercise that trains MOVEMENT not individual muscles.  Kettlebells are great for building core strength, overall body conditioning, and flexibility and is excellent for increasing endurance.  Beginners definitely welcome.

Monday, Thursday - 7:00 pm


Young Athletes (Ages 9-13)

Young Athletes will get your kids moving! The goal is increased athletic performance with focus on agility, strength training, aerobics, and flexibility. Athletes in any sport will benefit from learning proper techniques, increased core strength, and recovery work to finish.

Tuesday, Thursday - 6:00 pm


Lean Body Circuit Training

This is a low impact, but not low intensity fitness class! Don’t be deceived into thinking this won’t give you the sweat-producing workout you need.  It is low impact, but High Intensity!   Intensity comes from using your muscles to create the power and increased heart rate while keeping at least one foot grounded at all times. You will feel and see the results! Talk to anyone who has taken this class!

Tuesday, Thursday - 6:00 pm


Have Faith, Get Fit

Have Faith and Get Fit in a class that provides a total body workout for every fitness level. The goal is to bring Gods word alive in heart, mind, soul and body by weaving scripture into the class dynamics. Gods truth will be sure to encourage, inspire and lift up each person. Class opens with prayer and scripture before the workout begins.

All are welcomed. Religious beliefs do not matter to us. Love has no language so come as you are and share this hour of sweat and encouragement.

Tuesday - 5:30 am


Trainer’s Choice

For advanced clients. Workout with the trainer! Inspire the trainers to push themselves AS they workout alongside YOU. In this class, the idea is to feed energy off each other, to learn, and to push. Watch the trainers FORM, SPEED, and INTENSITY as you push yourselves to the max!

Monday, Wednesday - 6:00 am


Kid’s Bootcamp

Lets face it, in a culture bombarded with technology, we understand that in order for our children to be active and learn healthy habits we must be intentional about it so, by popular demand, the Kids Boot-camp will be starting back August 8th, on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 6:00 pm. Our goal is to create a fun, active class for your kids while YOU workout in the adult class . What a great way to lead by example. (sign up for kids REQUIRED in advance in ensure enough participant) FOR AGES 9-12

Tuesday, Thursday - 6:00 am