”as for you be strong and do not give up for your work will be rewarded“ - 2 Chronicles 15:7


Strengthening the Body, Transforming the Mind



6:00 am Bootcamp
12:00 pm Open Gym
5:30 pm Beginner Bootcamp
7:00 pm Boxing Basics and Fundamentals


Daycare available from 5 - 7 pm. Must sign up or call in advance.



6:00 am           Spin Class
10:00 am Beginner Bootcamp
12:00 pm Open Gym
6:00 pm Bootcamp
7:00 pm Total Body Fit


Daycare available from 6 - 8 pm. Must sign up or call in advance.



6:00 am Bootcamp
10:00 am Small group training with Jacquie
12:15 pm 30 Minute Spin
5:45 pm Boxing Basics and Fundamentals
6:30 pm Faith and Spin Class
7:00 pm Punch N' Crunch
7:30 pm Spin Class


Daycare available from 9am - 12 pm. Must sign up or call in advance.



6:00 am Faith And Spin 30 Minutes
12:00 pm Open Gym
6:00 pm Beginner Bootcamp
7:00 pm Total Body Fit



6:00 am Bootcamp
10:00 am Beginner Bootcamp
12:15 pm Focus Friday Training



8:30 am Spin
9:00 am Bootcamp


Daycare available from 8:30 - 10 am. Must sign up or call in advance.



Beginner Bootcamp

NO RUNNING! NO BURPEES! NO COMPARISON!  This bootcamp is perfect for those new to fitness and for those who have been away from a fitness program for awhile.  Strengthen your body and improve your overall health with this low-impact bootcamp designed to get you motivated and keep you motivated on your journey to wellness.  This class truly meets you where you are!

Monday - 5:30 pm; Tuesday and Friday-10:00 am


Quick Fit
(30 min Lunch Workout)

Quick Fit is a 30-minute lunch workout designed for people wanting to "get in and get out" in a hurry. Don't let it fool you. This workout packs a punch!

Monday thru Friday - 12:15 pm


Drums and Sculpt

4 Week Sneak Peak Beginning October 24

Exciting, entertaining, and one heck of a workout! This new and exciting class will leave you feeling like a Rock Star! Jennifer Bromley is pleased to bring you this new, private sneak peak of Drums and Sculpt. Drum and Sculpt is a full-body workout that combines the rhythmic use of drum sticks choreographed to energizing music with timed resistance training intervals. This class will help you improve your cardiovascular endurance, core strength, and flexibility, and will help you relieve stress. This is a private class, so spots are limited, so sign up today to reserve your spot. JUST A REMINDER- this sneak peak is not part of your membership.

Wednesday - 5:15 pm


Extreme Bootcamp

This is a high impact, high-intensity workout. High impact refers to continuous, higher-energy activities that can take both of the exerciser's feet off the floor at the same time. With Burpees and stair jumps, this class is not for the person with sore joints. This type of aerobics involves an energetic use of large muscle groups over a period of time for the purpose of a cardiovascular exercise, typically with the goal of weight loss.

Saturday - 9:00 am


Don't let the ballistic nature of kettlebells intimidate you.  Kettlebells are a terrific mode of exercise that trains MOVEMENT not individual muscles.  Kettlebells are great for building core strength, overall body conditioning, and flexibility and is excellent for increasing endurance.  Beginners definitely welcome.

Monday, Thursday - 8:00 pm


Revelation Wellness

Have Faith and Get Fit in a class that provides a total body workout for every fitness level. The goal is to bring Gods word alive in heart, mind, soul and body by weaving scripture into the class dynamics. Gods truth will be sure to encourage, inspire and lift up each person. Class opens with prayer and scripture before the workout begins.

All are welcomed. Religious beliefs do not matter to us. Love has no language so come as you are and share this hour of sweat and encouragement.

Tuesday - 5:30 am


Punch N' Crunch

This is a boxing conditioning class that focuses on basic boxing technique, along with strength, cardio and core training. Don't worry, you won't be punching people. This class will train you like an athlete and leave you wanting to come back for more!

We KNOW change is GOOD. This class will challenge you, inspire you and improve you!

If you have boxing gloves and hand wraps, please bring them along. We have a few pairs of wraps and gloves if needed. This will be a challenging, high energy hour for ALL fitness levels so bring YOUR "A " game and your will to train like a champion.

Wednesday - 7:00 pm