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The Importance of Proper Breathing While Exercising

The Importance of Proper Breathing While Exercising


As a boxer, it is crucial that I breath while under fire. Breath? you say. Of course you have to breath. Every body breathes. But did you know that breathing while exercising is different than just breathing as you do thousands of times a day all day long? What I'm talking about is breathing from your diaphragm, which is crucial while being active. And here's how:


Breath through your nose and out of your mouth. If you mouth breath, which is common while exercising, your are gulping air. This forces you to breath out of the top of your chest, which causes your chest to tighten. When your chest tightens, your muscles constrict, which then causes you to feel heavy in your legs, arms and chest, and can cause you to feel light-headed. This results in a feeling very similar to a panic attack.


Make a SSST noise. I used to tell my clients to make a SSSHHh sound when throwing hard power punches. But recently I read an article that said that the SSST sound forces you to breath from your diaphragm. AND IT WAS RIGHT! Give it a try......SEE! You can feel it. This technique does not just apply to boxers. Do it when performing any dynamic move such as ball slams or burpees, it even works well with crunches and push-ups. I promise you will feel the difference.


Practice and think about breathing.Sounds ridiculous right? But practice makes perfect. Since breathing during exercise requires a different tempo, we have to teach ourselves to do it, which requires us to have to think about something our body does involuntarily.


Writen By Sherry Sellmeyer

6 Simple Steps for Better Grocery Shopping

6 Simple Steps for Better Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping: You either love it or you hate it. Either way, you've got to eat. Cooking and preparing more food at home is a great way to shape up your diet. When it comes time to cruise your supermarket's aisles, here are six simple steps to become a better grocery shopper.

Don't Forget About Frozen and Canned Foods

Have you heard the recommendation to "shop the perimeter" at your grocery store? The idea here is that more fresh produce, lean meats and wholesome dairy foods are found on the outer aisles of the store and that processed and packaged less healthful food line the inner aisles. But don’t forget that the middle aisles harbor some really good options, too, especially when it comes to frozen and canned foods.

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Top 10 Reasons Children Should Exercise

Top 10 Reasons Children Should Exercise

About one-third of American children ages 10 to 17 are overweight or obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and fewer than 25% of children get the recommended 60 minutes of moderate-intensity physical active per day recommended by the American Medical Association.

Interaction with technology, urbanized living, academic pressures and other factors have combined to create historically low rates of youth physical activity.

Parents, teachers and fitness educators must realize and help educate others about the importance of frequent physical activity for kids. (ACE)

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A Journey to Better Health Session 2

A Journey to Better Health Session 2

Different Diets for Different Dudes and Dames


This session will include a discussion of the pros and cons of different approaches to weight loss.

On the Journey to Better Health, long term progress and long term results seldom come from a "quick-fix" diet.

Dr Creel will touch on emotional eating and different diets and how all of it affects long term results.

If you are tired of doing the same things expecting different results, then join us on Tuesday July 31st as we continue The Journey to Better Health

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