”as for you be strong and do not give up for your work will be rewarded“ - 2 Chronicles 15:7


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Jacquie's Accountability Group

Jacquie's Accountability Group


Do you need to lose 5lbs more? 

Maybe you don't need to lose weight at all. Maybe you've LOST the weight already but you struggle with keeping it off!

Do you NEED accountability to keep you on the right track?

I am putting together a group of ladies who will encourage each other and challenge each other and most of all support and help each other to stay focused on their goals. These ladies will workout with ME once a week in a small group . In this group I will have contests and challenges and fun ways to spark excitement into the workouts.

If YOU would like to be part of this, I will pair you up with a team and we will dive right in starting in May. If you are interested in finding out more please post times of day that would be good to workout and send me you contact info and we will be on our way.

As far as COST ....don't worry, I will make sure it is affordable and worth it!